Daily Cup Of Coffee With Milk?

Trevor Noah being the new host of the daily show is a huge achievement but not a great one. The daily show is a political satire show that mainly talks about American politics. A question I asked myself is why did the the producers of the show really put Trevor Noah as the host of the show. I mean, there are many Black American comedians who are fit for that job.

America is a land of opportunities, I truly believe that. When you want to “crack the ice” in an awkward position/situation you try telling a joke. Now this is a good way for America to pull us, Africans, that really don’t know or like politics, into their capitalist politics. We’ll laugh and start to relate with them, until we say, “ei, South African politics aren’t really that shitty”, while they are and gun violence is on the rise.

This is a stunt by the Americans to put Trevor Noah on such a huge show, he has barely been there for more than five years. They really want to get into Africa, the other countries on the continent don’t entertain America that much, some don’t like America at all. America is using this show as a springboard to the rest of Africa for us to entertain their politics while our own politics at home are failing us.

Will we ever reach true emancipation and liberation? South African politics is still in shackles from our past horror.
See it how you want to.


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