What’s That On Your Chest?

We live in a generation where heroes don’t exist, unless it’s your father, mother or guardian angel looking after you. Heroes only exist in novel books and you get to see them once a year in action, even those heroes aren’t here to save every one of us, just a selected few that have something ‘special’ that the world needs, and those in power think they need to be saved (because they are important).

The heroes of today are those that know how to use the law for themselves, always looking for a higher position in their hierarchy structure to climb. They down play their ego and leave their self-righteousness for everyone to see.

I believe great men have lived and some have planted their ideological seeds to grow. Those seeds have grown to become enormous fine big trees with cooling shade underneath them. Only a few visit these trees once in their lifetime and experience the cooling shade of knowledge. Those who stay underneath the trees understand that the seed of these trees need to be planted everywhere they go, because every (black) child needs to sit underneath such trees in order to be free (from the past).

Everyone has the right to plant their own seeds, to grow their own trees and create their own cooling shade for themselves. We must also agree that not everyone is a creator of knowledge and that sometimes creating is not the most fun thing to do when you have the nation’s best interest at heart, while you, the creator, is being selfless in all cases. Ideological seeds have already been planted to save many nations. It is time for us to go back and search for these trees of wisdom and knowledge, sit underneath the cooling shade and try, learn in understanding ourselves and the universe more.
Self-reliance and self-renaissance, without vanity of money or gold.

There’s nothing new under the sun.

I have an A on my chest.


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