Hey, Young World.

I wake up and ask you ‘how you doing?’, everyday you give me the same answer, ‘you better than you were yesterday’. I go outside and nothing has changed to the naked eye, the trees are still of wood, stones are still hard with no emotions and so, I pray we help each other to save our children.

You world, I like you, I want to be like you. 4,543 billion years old and you haven’t wrinkled. You may have changed a couple of times but you remain true to your values, you have been the same since I’ve known you. You have seen men rise to their highest level of achievements, you were there to witness it. You have seen men fall on their knees wishing, asking you to swallow them, and still you were there to comfort them, at night you put stars on top of their heads to give them light at their darkest moment. They are the first ones to be blessed when the morning sun rises, rain washes away their transgressions but still they don’t want to leave your side. Your love can’t be bought with gold or silver for they come within you.

Your beauty men should be afraid of, you ask for nothing and yet we keep taking everything from you. You are forever young and beautiful, you know no colour. I pray my daughter loves you and my son takes care of you. You are a world on your own and sometimes we confuse you with the world we create for ourselves. You never stop showing us your beauty, the flowers we never stop to appreciate or plant to give back to you, your warmth from the sun that let’s our body work at best, the stars we want to be, next to the moon. The sea and all creatures that live in it, which we can only admire from a distance for you know what’s best. Your beauty can’t be penned down, it can only be felt, seen, heard and be meditated on.

I want to be like you, occupy more land than there is construction and leave it as it is for that’s how you look. I want to be at peace from and with those who take from me and don’t say thank you. I want to create beautiful writings that will last forever in your image of nature.
I’m turning twenty four in eleven days time.

Hey, Young World, would you be mine?
I promise, I won’t let go.