Let Love Rain.

Is there a difference between love and rain/ i doubt you understand what I mean/ i love rain, can’t live without love/so I find myself asking is there a difference between love and rain/no there is no difference/love is love it will always be there/although not said or felt everyday but we know/ hope you understand me/ rain is not always there but we know of it/love is beautiful so is rain/both have anger problems but I won’t write about it/I love the imperfections both has/rain can be loud at times/other times I don’t know if its raining until I step outside/same as love/never knew how love felt until I had to go within/feels better than seeing it/love yourself/love yourz/rain causes floods/same way love causes one to be over-protective/it’s all beautiful/too much of it can be damaging/love makes you see things differently/rain brings out true colours of nature/love brings peace within your world/rain causes flowers to grow from the root/ both never appreciated until taken away/ I love the rain and the smell it brings/ same way I love love and the feeling it brings/ I hope you understand me/I hope you let love rain.