Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. Part 6. White Wall.

Politics depends on the weaker society to survive and make more money. The government relies on poor people to function, this is where the private sector plays  a role. The private sector offers that, that the government cannot provide. They, the private sector creates a continuous gap between the richer and the poor. The government can do the work themselves but because of the stereo type of government leaders looking at themselves first before delivering, is actually true, it creates the gap of white capital monopoly to increase.

We as the black race should stop thinking the illusion that we cannot survive without white people. At first, if the white people were to leave it will place the country at a stand still. Millions of people will lose their jobs and debt might increase or vanish. It is most essential that we think of the benefits that will come with this, we will start to produce our own products. That which the white man leaves we will buy from them or start manufacturing our own machinery. At first the products that we produce might not be of high quality but it will be a starting point where a process of bettering and improving our products will start.

What if the white people do not want to leave the country? At this point they will have no right to question or say they belong here. If they were to stay, then all their business revenue papers will have to be transparent where all black people will know how much they are making and how much leaves the country to their offshore bank accounts. Refusal to comply with this will lead to dreadful actions where they will be forcefully be removed, by any means necessary.

If need be, then war will be on the table. A table where our fellow Afrikan comrades, who despise white capital will have a seat at. If we need to take what is ours by shedding blood then it is something that will have to be done. It has been done before by white people, killing our black people to show authority, it has instilled fear in us, trauma we are still experiencing. We have forgotten that we can do the same to them.

I am not proclaiming a race war, I am saying that the natives, the true indigenous people of the Afrikan continent cannot be prisoners of wealth and health on their own soil, place of origin. This is prostration in the mind which we have come to  accept. My sentiments have been echoed before and have fallen on deaf ears, how can a black woman be a domestic worker to a white man. It is frustrating that a foreigner can have so much power in a land where he does not belong.

The ideology that the white man has, that if he controls the economy of the country then he automatically owns the country and the people in that country needs to stop. It has gone too far, if economic power is all the white man wants then it is only fair that the white man should leave with all the money he would have made. How did the black race come to worship policies, ideologies and currencies to a point where we have forgotten that we never used money to articulate success. The monetary system will never be fair, even if we were to labor equally, one will always feel cheated when money gets involved.

White people have set death traps in every form possible to make sure that the black man does not survive in any condition we find ourselves in. They have written laws, money policies that keeps most blacks in dept for years so that progress can be achieved only after every 10 years in a family, that is why we find some debts that are being celebrated in terms of success and sophistication.

The nature of the white man is evil, just the same way they have come to say and still say that the nature of the black race is being lazy. How can we be lazy if it is within us not to toil hard because we know that everything on earth is not really ours. How can we measure our way of being by foreign measurements that are there to hold us down and not made for us to succeed.

Our way of living as the black race has always been primitive. How can a continent that has all the minerals and fertile agricultural soil to produce any food possible be struck with the disease of poverty. Poverty is, and will always be man made. The continent is suffering from this disease because we are not the ones owning our own land, we are not the ones eating from our own land, we are not benefiting from our own land. We are toil laborers of foreign investors, our own land has forsaken us because we have conformed to western  ways of doing things.

We are not ourselves. Our own land does not recognize us. Rain fails to pour down because the people of the land are not the ones who will benefit.

It is time to forget and leave western ideologies, time to start a way of living, where you only toil for a suitable amount you feel is fair to put in your mouth.


Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. Part 5. Revolution.

Revolution, is there a specific time period which a revolution should take place? Is it something that happens in due time, naturally? The majority will complain about the circumstances that they are in but only a small group within that majority will look for change. We all want change but only a minority of a society are willing to sacrifice their selves to go about creating the change they feel and know is needed to better improve their society.

As always the minority who seek change are called rebels, which in mainstream view these people who are rebels are painted to look like bad people who want to create anarchy in their countries. Without rebels we will never have revolutions, which means we would not have change. With change comes good and bad, the reason why most revolutions take long to progress, it is because most people prefer to focus on the bad side, they fear things being worse than they really are.

We need rebels to make society aware of what type of changes are needed and why they are needed. The power to make changes will always be with the people and not a government structure. Government leaders are paid huge amounts of money to produce change, while they themselves don’t live the everyday struggle of the majority of the people on the ground.

When a revolution takes place, it is these same government leaders who make the revolution to become stagnant because of the fear that the people who they vowed to work for are now taking power in their own hands and seem as if they wont need government leaders anymore. This creates fear for government leaders, fear of losing all benefits they have gained of living a good life. Which they do not need those benefits to survive but rather the benefits are for luxurious purposes.

Equality cannot be achieved when people who claim to serve the poor are living a better luxurious life. Although education is a tool one can use to come out and escape poverty, it is a tool that makes revolution and equality become a slow process to achieve.

Education offers one a better life and knowledge but often leaves us in a one dimensional way of thinking, which we have come to believe that without education one cannot survive and is deemed to perish in poverty.

It is fair that one should want a better life than the one they live now. After being conditioned by the education system and receiving a good job that pays well, they have the right to move from where they live now, to a much more urbanized place where sophistication is being celebrated. Doing this, a certain detachment takes place. The individual now is moving away from what he knows and now is introduced to a new social society pleasures. This works in a way that the individual no longer looks back but rather comes to a conclusion that, each man for himself, leaving the impoverished family neighbors behind. The individual now has adapted to a new environment and has a new behavior of living in a new sophisticated society.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to climb a hierarchy in order to live a better life, but there is something wrong when you think that you are better than other people just because you are above them.

Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. part 4. Jesus.

The bible is contradictory. Adam and Eve are the first people God created according to the bible. Adam and Eve made love and had Cain and Abel. After Cain murdered his brother, Abel, God cursed Cain by removing him from his presence. Cain argued that if he was to go, people outside the garden of Eden will kill him. God gave him a mark on his forehead so no one can touch him to do harm. When Cain left the garden of Eden, he met a woman, which he would marry and have children with.

The problem with this story is, the bible says that Adam and Eve are the first two people on earth and later had Cain and Abel, which would make only four people on earth and after Cain killing his brother, Abel, means that only three people should be alive on earth. The question is, who is this woman that Cain married, where does she come from?

Most people tend to overlook that Jesus is an ancestor, to the Jews. He has lived and died, he went to heaven. We don’t know where people go after death, whether it be heaven, hell or reincarnation. In our black cultures, it often happens that when we pray, we end up calling our dead family members names and ask for protection and help. The same way we pray to Jesus, is it a bad thing, no it is not.

There are people that get visits from their dead family members in dreams. They talk to them, they show them signs which often help them in which ever situation they are in. Another way we have been communicating with our ancestors is through Afrikan traditional healers, they can inform us if our ancestors are happy or not, we look for guidance in what to do when things are not going well. Visiting traditional healers has been going on for centuries in the black community.

Traditional healers have been helping black people for years with their herbal plants mixtures, medication, now called muti. With every good there is bad, I am not blind to that. The plants and herbs that the traditional healers use are the same ones God said man-kind should rule over.

I will quote Jesus’s death from the King James bible, after he was crucified. KJV John 20 verse 11:18 says,”But Marry stood without at the sepulchre weeping; and she wept; she stooped down; and looked into the sepulchre, And seeth two angels in white sitting; the one at the head and other at the feet; where the body of Jesus had lain. And they say unto her; Woman; why weepest thou? She said unto them; because they have taken away my Lord; and I know not where they have laid him. And when she had thus said; she turned herself back; and saw Jesus standing; and knew not that it was Jesus. Jesus saith unto her; Woman; why weepest thou? Whom seekest thou? She supposing him to be the gardener; she saith unto him; Sir; if thou have borne him hence; tell me where thou hast laid him; and I will take him away. Jesus saith unto her; Marry. She turned herself and saith unto him Rabboni; which is to say Master. Jesus saith unto her; Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren; and say unto them; I ascended unto my Father; and your Father; and to my God; and your God. Marry Magdalane came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord; and that he had spoken these things unto her”.

From the King James bible one can see that Jesus did not die on the cross but rather he survived the crucifixion as in verse 14 and 15 says, “And when she had thus said; she turned herself back; and saw Jesus standing; and knew not that it was Jesus. Jesus saith unto her; Woman; why weepest thou? Whom seekest thou? She supposing him to be the gardener; she saith unto him; Sir; if thou have borne him hence; tell me where thou hast laid him; and I will take him away.”. From this quote one can tell that Marry sees Jesus as a gardener and not in a form of an angel.

Verse 17 says,”Jesus saith unto her; Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren; and say unto them; I ascended unto my Father; and your Father; and to my God; and your God.”.  Here one can tell Jesus is still of flesh and bones as he said “I am not yet ascended to my Father” which shows he has survived the crucifixion and is alive when saying this.

Further more into the King James bible, I will quote from Luke 24 verse 37:40, which says, “But they were terrified and affrightened; and supposed that they had seen a spirit. And he saith unto them. Why you troubled? And why do thoughts arise in your hearts? Behold my hands and feet; that it is I myself: handle me; and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones; shewed them his hands and his feet.”. This was Jesus telling them and showing his disciples that he is still a human being and not a spirit.

To show that Jesus did not die, Luke 24 verse 41:43 says, “And while they yet believed not for joy; and wondered; he saith unto them. Have ye here any meat? And they gave him a piece of a broiled fish; and of an honeycomb. And he took it; and did eat before them”. According to my understanding spirits cannot eat.

Afrikan Self Help: First Testament part 3. Being Naked.

There are numerous ways to explain freedom, the easiest way I will explain freedom is using the Adam and Eve story in the bible. The bible itself has its own loop-wholes and I am not a firm believer in it.

Being naked is the ultimate freedom one can have. Living naked and being consciously aware of your nakedness to an extent that it does not bother you if other people see your body in any light creates an awareness of being free and content with yourself. The thought of walking publicly naked is rightfully a scary idea, especially taking to mind the problem of rape. I cannot pin point the exact reason that causes one to rape, a thought I have is simple desire and lust. The desire of having sex with someone because of personal reasons the individual raping has.

The link between walking around naked publicly and rape is one that I cannot avoid. What if we all knew each others body parts to an extent that they don’t bother us anymore. As a man, I know women have breast, I see them daily and they don’t excite me as they are under clothing most of the time. The only time they would excite me is when I see them in the open without clothes covering over them. I will admire by looking, if given permission to touch and feel, I will walk around with a smile on my face.

What if I get to see breasts everyday in the open, will they excite me as before, no, my logical way of thinking is that breasts will not excite me anymore as it will be something I would have gotten used to seeing. Breasts in the open would become a norm to me and society.

Our greatest form of freedom is being naked, we are born with it, we are born naked. No one can take that away from you, unless it is yourself taking it away from yourself. I do believe there are some aspects we do need to go back to, back to basics.

Being naked and taking it as a norm into society is an idea that is far-fetched or as some would say, it is blasphemous. We have been conditioned, or rather we know the reason why we need to wear clothes, it is because of the sin Adam and Eve made, eating the fruit of knowledge. I have come to conclude for myself that before they ate this fruit they had everything at their disposal, they were only eating what they needed.

Life in the Garden of Eden seemed to be like paradise before the fruit was eaten. Adam and Eve eating the fruit made them realize that they were naked, making one to think that before eating the fruit, how did they exactly see each other. How did they explain each others body parts before they ate this fruit. It’s a thought we all should ponder on. My take is that they were blind to desire and lust, they did not see anything wrong with each others body parts. My view is that, they without trying, saw each other beyond the flesh. They only cared for each others health and well being. Meaning that they cared about what was inside of the the body, the soul and only cared to nourish it. They lived a simple life.

After eating the fruit, lust and desire came into play, as they stopped looking at each others souls that are within and started focusing on the outside, the flesh. Each and everyone’s weakness at some point. Did Adam and Eve make love before eating the fruit, yes, but it was not something they lusted to do, it happened naturally when the time was right for them, almost like animals having mating seasons.

This is normal for people who found love deeper than the looks of the flesh. After eating the fruit and realizing that they were naked, they hid from God, something I believe we still do. Although they said they were sorry for eating the fruit, it does not show in the bible what they did to show that they are sorry and seek forgiveness from God.

What were Adam and Eve suppose to do in order to seek for forgiveness from God and repent. Saying sorry is easy, the person being said sorry to never really knows if the the words are real until proper actions are taken afterwards to show that one is truly sorry so that one can be eternally forgiven for the mistake.

Adam and Eve, not taking any actions to show God that they were sorry was another mistake. In the bible, Genesis 3 verse 21 says, “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them”. The garment of skin that the bible is talking about, is it the same skin that we have now, the one we consider as flesh. Not to think too much into this question I will proceed. The question I will rather focus on is, what if Adam and Eve went against God’s will to wear the skin garment. If Adam and Eve went against God’s will and refused to wear the skin garment on the basis of knowing that they did a mistake and were willing to live with their mistake of eating the fruit and choose to live with the consequences that came with eating the fruit, which are lust and desire. Living with the consequences that they would have to deal with on daily basis would be hard at first, like everything that is new and not used to, but they would have overcome this battle by learning to live with their mistake and try to stay pure in Gods eyes.

The failure to repent with actions to show that they were truly sorry,we, or most of us still experiences this curse that God has put upon them.

With a forever evolving world can we take matters into our own hands and go against Gods will and not wear the garment of skin, clothes. Will it do more harm than good. In the earthly world it might do harm as we will still have to get used to this way of living.

The thought of Adam and Eve not having skin, flesh, is not ridiculous or absurd. I believe as individuals they could see each others lungs, ribs, heart and stomach. They had no skin, they looked exactly like the body picture of a human body pictures without skin which is normally found in biology classes. That is how Adam and Eve were at first before they ate the forbidden fruit. It makes more sense to see them in that view from the context within the bible.

It should make sense that we are still hiding from ourselves and from God by wearing clothes. The garment of skin that covers our body, only God can remove it when He has forgiven Adam and Eve and lift the curse off us.

Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. part 2

Our identity. Freedom and the ability to be lazy is our identity. If we were able to take away the norms of the world and the idea of the value money has, we will mostly be free and half way lazy of being free. Freedom has been painted in a bad light, with colors of money. That if one does not have money, one can never be free, which is the greatest fallacy we have come to believe.

People with money believe this. The game of money is a never ending game, one can always put another number behind the last number in order for the money game to continue. Freedom is a whole different ball game. Freedom is frightening when one is used to the norms of society. It was frightening for me before the realization of what freedom is.

All the exotic food one desires to eat, one can eat the food without the value of money being put to it. It is just a matter of getting the food for yourself and cooking it for yourself. Every vegetable and fruit can be self planted, it is a matter of taking time to plant and nourish the seed you have planted. We only need two things to survive on daily basis, food and water. We can survive without many things but cannot survive without food and water. Which is important that one plants their own food as the individual will know what exactly is good for them and what is bad, at all times you have your eyes on your plate.

Purifying your own water is extremely important, as you get to know natural chemical free ways to clean water. We will know how water can be cleaned, how do we know that water is clean, which measurements do we use to clean water.

One can get that car one wants, it’s not a matter of building the car for/by yourself, it is about finding people who are free and have passed the being lazy stage of freedom, and actually love building things as an expression of freedom. People who believe that their purpose to be alive is to build things and understand why they are building the things that that they are building, for what purpose they are building them.

Afrikan Self Help: First Testament.

Twenty-two years into South Africa’s democracy and one of the biggest challenge we face is black on black egos fighting over power. Most believe that there is one God, or at least a higher power that rules supreme over us.

I believe that black people are the descendants of God and it is important that we unite now, immediately. Even though it is believed that uniting now will bring great chaos to which I agree with. I strongly believe that in order to build something pure one needs to destroy, burn that he already has and deal with the trauma, make peace with it, look for solutions and start building from the ground up, laying a foundation under the ground.

Meaning that the idea of having a United black Afrikan continent with no borders to devide and segregate us needs to be planted into black children’s mind at a young age. We the young adults need to start destroying, creating cracks in the World Government wall, most importantly start burning down the Afrikan borders. This is not a farfetched, unrealistic idea. Kwame Krumah lived for this idea because he knew the reality of not having a United Afrikan continent would lead to exploitative results and Afrika will end up suffering.

The problem is, power hungry leaders who believe that there is one God want to rule over a nation forever, making themselves seem as they were God. The thought of one person rulling the whole Afrikan continent is a scary thought I must admit. We don’t want a case of another Adi Amin in our hands rulling the entire continent. The beautiful reality of having a United continent is the coming together of black people from different Afrikan ethnic groups. There must be no ruller, especially in a form of a president. No one knows what is best for the people unless it’s the people themselves doing it for themselves.

Reality is, we, the most of us black people don’t care or even put value to minerals such as gold and diamonds, a part of me believe that gold and diamonds have a deeper meaning to them and are not just accessories.

By cutting off trade with the Western and European world for these minerals, we will be cutting off the money laundry coming in and out of the continent. This will be a start of removing the foreign world value of money.

The fight we need to fight in achieving a United Afrikan continent is one we have often thought about, some believe in it but just find the greatest excuse, that it is not their fight to fight.

By choosing the path of not fighting for a United Afikan continent, you choose to adapt to the norms of society in just living to stay alive and live the above minimum wage life. The rulers who created these rules, created them in such a way that the average life is the only life we can live, everything is against us. Mostly because we no longer trying to live but rather choose to live an identity that’s not ours to start with. A fair question is, what is our identity.