Afrikan Self Help: First Testament.

Twenty-two years into South Africa’s democracy and one of the biggest challenge we face is black on black egos fighting over power. Most believe that there is one God, or at least a higher power that rules supreme over us.

I believe that black people are the descendants of God and it is important that we unite now, immediately. Even though it is believed that uniting now will bring great chaos to which I agree with. I strongly believe that in order to build something pure one needs to destroy, burn that he already has and deal with the trauma, make peace with it, look for solutions and start building from the ground up, laying a foundation under the ground.

Meaning that the idea of having a United black Afrikan continent with no borders to devide and segregate us needs to be planted into black children’s mind at a young age. We the young adults need to start destroying, creating cracks in the World Government wall, most importantly start burning down the Afrikan borders. This is not a farfetched, unrealistic idea. Kwame Krumah lived for this idea because he knew the reality of not having a United Afrikan continent would lead to exploitative results and Afrika will end up suffering.

The problem is, power hungry leaders who believe that there is one God want to rule over a nation forever, making themselves seem as they were God. The thought of one person rulling the whole Afrikan continent is a scary thought I must admit. We don’t want a case of another Adi Amin in our hands rulling the entire continent. The beautiful reality of having a United continent is the coming together of black people from different Afrikan ethnic groups. There must be no ruller, especially in a form of a president. No one knows what is best for the people unless it’s the people themselves doing it for themselves.

Reality is, we, the most of us black people don’t care or even put value to minerals such as gold and diamonds, a part of me believe that gold and diamonds have a deeper meaning to them and are not just accessories.

By cutting off trade with the Western and European world for these minerals, we will be cutting off the money laundry coming in and out of the continent. This will be a start of removing the foreign world value of money.

The fight we need to fight in achieving a United Afrikan continent is one we have often thought about, some believe in it but just find the greatest excuse, that it is not their fight to fight.

By choosing the path of not fighting for a United Afikan continent, you choose to adapt to the norms of society in just living to stay alive and live the above minimum wage life. The rulers who created these rules, created them in such a way that the average life is the only life we can live, everything is against us. Mostly because we no longer trying to live but rather choose to live an identity that’s not ours to start with. A fair question is, what is our identity.


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