Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. part 2

Our identity. Freedom and the ability to be lazy is our identity. If we were able to take away the norms of the world and the idea of the value money has, we will mostly be free and half way lazy of being free. Freedom has been painted in a bad light, with colors of money. That if one does not have money, one can never be free, which is the greatest fallacy we have come to believe.

People with money believe this. The game of money is a never ending game, one can always put another number behind the last number in order for the money game to continue. Freedom is a whole different ball game. Freedom is frightening when one is used to the norms of society. It was frightening for me before the realization of what freedom is.

All the exotic food one desires to eat, one can eat the food without the value of money being put to it. It is just a matter of getting the food for yourself and cooking it for yourself. Every vegetable and fruit can be self planted, it is a matter of taking time to plant and nourish the seed you have planted. We only need two things to survive on daily basis, food and water. We can survive without many things but cannot survive without food and water. Which is important that one plants their own food as the individual will know what exactly is good for them and what is bad, at all times you have your eyes on your plate.

Purifying your own water is extremely important, as you get to know natural chemical free ways to clean water. We will know how water can be cleaned, how do we know that water is clean, which measurements do we use to clean water.

One can get that car one wants, it’s not a matter of building the car for/by yourself, it is about finding people who are free and have passed the being lazy stage of freedom, and actually love building things as an expression of freedom. People who believe that their purpose to be alive is to build things and understand why they are building the things that that they are building, for what purpose they are building them.


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