Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. Part 5. Revolution.

Revolution, is there a specific time period which a revolution should take place? Is it something that happens in due time, naturally? The majority will complain about the circumstances that they are in but only a small group within that majority will look for change. We all want change but only a minority of a society are willing to sacrifice their selves to go about creating the change they feel and know is needed to better improve their society.

As always the minority who seek change are called rebels, which in mainstream view these people who are rebels are painted to look like bad people who want to create anarchy in their countries. Without rebels we will never have revolutions, which means we would not have change. With change comes good and bad, the reason why most revolutions take long to progress, it is because most people prefer to focus on the bad side, they fear things being worse than they really are.

We need rebels to make society aware of what type of changes are needed and why they are needed. The power to make changes will always be with the people and not a government structure. Government leaders are paid huge amounts of money to produce change, while they themselves don’t live the everyday struggle of the majority of the people on the ground.

When a revolution takes place, it is these same government leaders who make the revolution to become stagnant because of the fear that the people who they vowed to work for are now taking power in their own hands and seem as if they wont need government leaders anymore. This creates fear for government leaders, fear of losing all benefits they have gained of living a good life. Which they do not need those benefits to survive but rather the benefits are for luxurious purposes.

Equality cannot be achieved when people who claim to serve the poor are living a better luxurious life. Although education is a tool one can use to come out and escape poverty, it is a tool that makes revolution and equality become a slow process to achieve.

Education offers one a better life and knowledge but often leaves us in a one dimensional way of thinking, which we have come to believe that without education one cannot survive and is deemed to perish in poverty.

It is fair that one should want a better life than the one they live now. After being conditioned by the education system and receiving a good job that pays well, they have the right to move from where they live now, to a much more urbanized place where sophistication is being celebrated. Doing this, a certain detachment takes place. The individual now is moving away from what he knows and now is introduced to a new social society pleasures. This works in a way that the individual no longer looks back but rather comes to a conclusion that, each man for himself, leaving the impoverished family neighbors behind. The individual now has adapted to a new environment and has a new behavior of living in a new sophisticated society.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to climb a hierarchy in order to live a better life, but there is something wrong when you think that you are better than other people just because you are above them.


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