Between Hillary and Trump, I would’ve also voted for Trump to be the next American president. Trump offers that Hillary cannot offer and that’s  just simple feelings. Most of his speeches, Trump was honest on how he felt about everything, one would have thought that Trump is stupid. But at every end of his speeches or interviews he would have been more honest about “great America” and how it should be protected. By building a wall between America and Mexico? Send most of them back?

Police killing blacks in America is a well thought out plan in terms of making white supremacy more dominant, making black men agitated when they see the police. He gave his honest opinion about Muslims and their terrorist tendencies.

One thing we need to understand is that the white race is rich, monetarily. Trump supporters are the richest people in America, owning and running multi-million-billion types of companies and corporations. These are the ones that are looking for world dominance. They no longer care about politics, these multi-billionaires want to make more money. They are looking to exploit each country they see with intimidation.

America has been investing in nuclear weapons, the latest technology for their whole military force. America right now is at a very good place to declare war to almost any country that does not want to co-operate with them. Trump is the right person to do that.

He has exploitative business trades that most business billionaires have. He knows good bargains and rip off where he sees possible. That is how Trump is looking at each country right now, just as business territories where they can come in to a particular country, take what they want and seem as the good people. It is about world domination for the elites of America, they want to own everything. They own almost everything, the law, the internet, entertainment companies, NEWS outlets, sports teams, stock markets, religion and social media platforms.

One could say that the owners of these vehicles we want to buy, the owners of the clothing brands we pay huge amount of money to wear. The owners of top tier companies in any angle are the once who supported Trump. The not so rich white people who openly support Trump are the ku klux klan. These kkk believe in white supremacy.

Both the rich Trump supporters  and the not rich supporters have one thing in common; world domination through financial power and through white supremacy. One could say that Trump and his supporters are the once that architect-ed apartheid. They would intentionally suppress other races through whatever power they hold.

Donald Trump, a businessman openly came out and admitted that he has racist tendencies, ideologies, he didn’t lie about how he feels. It is time Afrikan individuals to openly discus what type of world dominance they would prefer.


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