Someone expressing his feelings has become a problem? We have come to a point where we follow ‘the rules’ more than we follow our feelings. The rules are created in a way that seems like we benefiting but we are not. The rules need to change, and the only way these rules can change is by expressing how we feel about these rules.

We live in a world of instructions and laws. We hardly express ourselves on how we feel about these instructions and laws we live under. We are systematically told what to do at what time. We are told which country is best to trade with through media propaganda. Everything is done by top leaders and company owners who should have the peoples best interest but don’t.

Why do these top companies never share the information they gather with us? They always say it is for improving their company services. When on the internet, we are constantly asked to fill in some type of questionnaires. When will we get the opportunity to ask these companies some questions. Google is buying or already bought every company they see as a threat. Google owns almost the entire internet, all the information. That is too much information about us for one company to have. They are constantly updating their software’s and programs on our phones, we let these updates happen without questioning exactly what type of information is being updated and exchanged.

Facebook alone is trying to make its social media platform to be too emotional for its users. Emotional intelligence that might end up hurting humanity, where, we no longer share our feelings with each other as human beings but rather rely on such emotional intelligence to comfort us. Which I should add that it is dangerous when we don’t know and realize why this platform is taking this route.

The reason I am raising these views is because people have a problem with Kanye expressing his feelings during his tours. If you like an artist, surely you have to be interested in their politics, life and global views. As fans we need to know where the feelings come from when artists are creating songs, why are they behaving the way they do. The best way for artists to do that is by expressing their feelings through tour performances.

People say that there might be something wrong with Kanye, honestly, I say let him be. Why should there be standard ways of behaving in society or the world. There isn’t a right or wrong way in how one views the world.

Media might say he’s suffering from sleep deprivation but he said some real talk in the Sacramento rant. We are constantly being lied to because we no longer question how things operate. We just accept because we believe that people in power have our best interest, which is false. These global companies want to own everything and dictate how we should live.

It is time for us to start asking questions and find ways to get answers to our questions, they are not going to give us real answers. We need to create our own paths, if need be, go back to basis.



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