Afrikan Self Help: First Testament. Part 6. White Wall.

Politics depends on the weaker society to survive and make more money. The government relies on poor people to function, this is where the private sector plays  a role. The private sector offers that, that the government cannot provide. They, the private sector creates a continuous gap between the richer and the poor. The government can do the work themselves but because of the stereo type of government leaders looking at themselves first before delivering, is actually true, it creates the gap of white capital monopoly to increase.

We as the black race should stop thinking the illusion that we cannot survive without white people. At first, if the white people were to leave it will place the country at a stand still. Millions of people will lose their jobs and debt might increase or vanish. It is most essential that we think of the benefits that will come with this, we will start to produce our own products. That which the white man leaves we will buy from them or start manufacturing our own machinery. At first the products that we produce might not be of high quality but it will be a starting point where a process of bettering and improving our products will start.

What if the white people do not want to leave the country? At this point they will have no right to question or say they belong here. If they were to stay, then all their business revenue papers will have to be transparent where all black people will know how much they are making and how much leaves the country to their offshore bank accounts. Refusal to comply with this will lead to dreadful actions where they will be forcefully be removed, by any means necessary.

If need be, then war will be on the table. A table where our fellow Afrikan comrades, who despise white capital will have a seat at. If we need to take what is ours by shedding blood then it is something that will have to be done. It has been done before by white people, killing our black people to show authority, it has instilled fear in us, trauma we are still experiencing. We have forgotten that we can do the same to them.

I am not proclaiming a race war, I am saying that the natives, the true indigenous people of the Afrikan continent cannot be prisoners of wealth and health on their own soil, place of origin. This is prostration in the mind which we have come to  accept. My sentiments have been echoed before and have fallen on deaf ears, how can a black woman be a domestic worker to a white man. It is frustrating that a foreigner can have so much power in a land where he does not belong.

The ideology that the white man has, that if he controls the economy of the country then he automatically owns the country and the people in that country needs to stop. It has gone too far, if economic power is all the white man wants then it is only fair that the white man should leave with all the money he would have made. How did the black race come to worship policies, ideologies and currencies to a point where we have forgotten that we never used money to articulate success. The monetary system will never be fair, even if we were to labor equally, one will always feel cheated when money gets involved.

White people have set death traps in every form possible to make sure that the black man does not survive in any condition we find ourselves in. They have written laws, money policies that keeps most blacks in dept for years so that progress can be achieved only after every 10 years in a family, that is why we find some debts that are being celebrated in terms of success and sophistication.

The nature of the white man is evil, just the same way they have come to say and still say that the nature of the black race is being lazy. How can we be lazy if it is within us not to toil hard because we know that everything on earth is not really ours. How can we measure our way of being by foreign measurements that are there to hold us down and not made for us to succeed.

Our way of living as the black race has always been primitive. How can a continent that has all the minerals and fertile agricultural soil to produce any food possible be struck with the disease of poverty. Poverty is, and will always be man made. The continent is suffering from this disease because we are not the ones owning our own land, we are not the ones eating from our own land, we are not benefiting from our own land. We are toil laborers of foreign investors, our own land has forsaken us because we have conformed to western  ways of doing things.

We are not ourselves. Our own land does not recognize us. Rain fails to pour down because the people of the land are not the ones who will benefit.

It is time to forget and leave western ideologies, time to start a way of living, where you only toil for a suitable amount you feel is fair to put in your mouth.



I don’t know much about everything, but I’m willing to find out as much as possible about everything.