Healing Africa From Within.

Beside the colour of our skin, our height, our weight and our language differences, we all know that we are different in the most gracious unique ways. How we chose to handle our differences should be a matter of self-reflection on how we want to be treated with our unique selves. It takes time for one to realise what makes them unique and how to embrace that difference that set them apart from others. The sooner one does this, the sooner one guarantees themselves the sustainability of being comfortable for a lifetime and avoid suzerainty.

Africa can achieve its own sustainability plan on how it can sustain itself with its own agricultural schemes by being comfortable in producing by itself and creating feeding trades within the African borders. This could be done if Africa would free itself from international standards on how things are suppose to be produced and manufactured in order to be of high quality in which the Europe system has set for us. We should start creating our own living standards for which the poor should live by, we should feed our own people with our own locally produced food at our acceptable quality standards.

E.g if Nigeria spend more time in investing in their rice farms and properly harness it to be of good quality and be acceptable by the ‘African standards of living’. They can start to pursue local trades with in the local African borders to eliminate poverty in other African countries.
Let’s say South Africa also starts to invest more in chicken farms and also produces good quality chickens that the poor can eat and is acceptable by the ‘African standards of living’, now both Nigeria and South Africa can get in agreement where one country trades with another country on what they locally produce to eradicate poverty in their own countries.
A bonus also will be Ethiopia joining in on the trades of both these two countries by trading coffee with them while each country respectively give Ethiopia their share on trades, rice and chicken.

These African trades can help eliminate poverty in our deepest rural areas in each country. Therfore I find it extremely important in creating an environment of education at the highest level which will help cater for people at the lowest level of poverty.

There are 47 countries on the African continent, the sooner each country chose a suitable “product” it can produce at the highest African level without looking at the ‘western system’ for good quality confirmation, we will start to move forward in eliminating poverty in our continent and stop looking for help outside the continent. Creating these trades will help us monitor our growth as a continent (and not on individual countries on which country is more better than another country), it will create an environment where we continously exchange ideas on how to make the continent a better place to live in and importantly eradicate poverty.

One of the few things we should invest time and money in is Information Communication Technology. This is something we poorly lack in and we should see how we can start to create our own networks and communication model systems which we will run ourselves and save all our data in our own database.

African Renaissance is achievable in my lifetime.



I don’t know much about everything, but I’m willing to find out as much as possible about everything.