Afrikan Self Help: First Testament part 3. Being Naked.

There are numerous ways to explain freedom, the easiest way I will explain freedom is using the Adam and Eve story in the bible. The bible itself has its own loop-wholes and I am not a firm believer in it.

Being naked is the ultimate freedom one can have. Living naked and being consciously aware of your nakedness to an extent that it does not bother you if other people see your body in any light creates an awareness of being free and content with yourself. The thought of walking publicly naked is rightfully a scary idea, especially taking to mind the problem of rape. I cannot pin point the exact reason that causes one to rape, a thought I have is simple desire and lust. The desire of having sex with someone because of personal reasons the individual raping has.

The link between walking around naked publicly and rape is one that I cannot avoid. What if we all knew each others body parts to an extent that they don’t bother us anymore. As a man, I know women have breast, I see them daily and they don’t excite me as they are under clothing most of the time. The only time they would excite me is when I see them in the open without clothes covering over them. I will admire by looking, if given permission to touch and feel, I will walk around with a smile on my face.

What if I get to see breasts everyday in the open, will they excite me as before, no, my logical way of thinking is that breasts will not excite me anymore as it will be something I would have gotten used to seeing. Breasts in the open would become a norm to me and society.

Our greatest form of freedom is being naked, we are born with it, we are born naked. No one can take that away from you, unless it is yourself taking it away from yourself. I do believe there are some aspects we do need to go back to, back to basics.

Being naked and taking it as a norm into society is an idea that is far-fetched or as some would say, it is blasphemous. We have been conditioned, or rather we know the reason why we need to wear clothes, it is because of the sin Adam and Eve made, eating the fruit of knowledge. I have come to conclude for myself that before they ate this fruit they had everything at their disposal, they were only eating what they needed.

Life in the Garden of Eden seemed to be like paradise before the fruit was eaten. Adam and Eve eating the fruit made them realize that they were naked, making one to think that before eating the fruit, how did they exactly see each other. How did they explain each others body parts before they ate this fruit. It’s a thought we all should ponder on. My take is that they were blind to desire and lust, they did not see anything wrong with each others body parts. My view is that, they without trying, saw each other beyond the flesh. They only cared for each others health and well being. Meaning that they cared about what was inside of the the body, the soul and only cared to nourish it. They lived a simple life.

After eating the fruit, lust and desire came into play, as they stopped looking at each others souls that are within and started focusing on the outside, the flesh. Each and everyone’s weakness at some point. Did Adam and Eve make love before eating the fruit, yes, but it was not something they lusted to do, it happened naturally when the time was right for them, almost like animals having mating seasons.

This is normal for people who found love deeper than the looks of the flesh. After eating the fruit and realizing that they were naked, they hid from God, something I believe we still do. Although they said they were sorry for eating the fruit, it does not show in the bible what they did to show that they are sorry and seek forgiveness from God.

What were Adam and Eve suppose to do in order to seek for forgiveness from God and repent. Saying sorry is easy, the person being said sorry to never really knows if the the words are real until proper actions are taken afterwards to show that one is truly sorry so that one can be eternally forgiven for the mistake.

Adam and Eve, not taking any actions to show God that they were sorry was another mistake. In the bible, Genesis 3 verse 21 says, “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them”. The garment of skin that the bible is talking about, is it the same skin that we have now, the one we consider as flesh. Not to think too much into this question I will proceed. The question I will rather focus on is, what if Adam and Eve went against God’s will to wear the skin garment. If Adam and Eve went against God’s will and refused to wear the skin garment on the basis of knowing that they did a mistake and were willing to live with their mistake of eating the fruit and choose to live with the consequences that came with eating the fruit, which are lust and desire. Living with the consequences that they would have to deal with on daily basis would be hard at first, like everything that is new and not used to, but they would have overcome this battle by learning to live with their mistake and try to stay pure in Gods eyes.

The failure to repent with actions to show that they were truly sorry,we, or most of us still experiences this curse that God has put upon them.

With a forever evolving world can we take matters into our own hands and go against Gods will and not wear the garment of skin, clothes. Will it do more harm than good. In the earthly world it might do harm as we will still have to get used to this way of living.

The thought of Adam and Eve not having skin, flesh, is not ridiculous or absurd. I believe as individuals they could see each others lungs, ribs, heart and stomach. They had no skin, they looked exactly like the body picture of a human body pictures without skin which is normally found in biology classes. That is how Adam and Eve were at first before they ate the forbidden fruit. It makes more sense to see them in that view from the context within the bible.

It should make sense that we are still hiding from ourselves and from God by wearing clothes. The garment of skin that covers our body, only God can remove it when He has forgiven Adam and Eve and lift the curse off us.



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